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t paita

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k, ke, kuto, toward(s)

oabout, of, on, for

s, sewith, on

uat, by, next to, near

z, zeout of , from


v, vein, at, inside

ten, ta, tothe, that

ti, ty, tathe, those

ti(to) you

tyyou, thou, thee

tuhere, in this place

tebe, těyou

Temžethe Thames

tenatatoils, net, snare

tencethinly, in a thin layer

tenčit seget*/grow* thin(ner), thin

tendencetrend, tendency, drift

tendenčnítendentious, biased, slanted

tendenčnosttendentiousness, bias, partiality

tendrtender, tendering process, (competitive) tendering