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toy with

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ti, ty, tathe, those

tyyou, thou, thee

ten, ta, tothe, that

tmadark(ness), murk, gloom, dusk


tokflow(ing), current

tokmating call


topitheat (up)

topitdrown, be* drowning

topit sebe* drowning

točcircle (on the horizontal bar)

točitturn, rotate, spin*

točit seturn, rotate, spin*, go* around, revolve , pivot

zoozoo(logical garden)

tonustone, tonus, tonicity

tonoutbe* drowning


Temžethe Thames

tenatatoils, net, snare

tencethinly, in a thin layer

tenčit seget*/grow* thin(ner), thin

tendencetrend, tendency, drift

tendenčnítendentious, biased, slanted

tendenčnosttendentiousness, bias, partiality

tendrtender, tendering process, (competitive) tendering