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profor , for the sake of , yea

pod, podeunder, below, beneath, underneath

potsweat, perspiration

zoozoo(logical garden)


poppop (music)

popglue, leather adhesive

pojitbind*, tie, connect

pojit sebe* connected , relate, be* related , be* associated, go*, be* involved

potit sesweat*, perspire

polohalf, semi-

ponurýgloomy, dismal, dreary, sombre, bleak

poobědvat(have) lunch

poodhalitreveal partially

poohlédnout selook around

poohlížet selook around, be* looking , be* seeking

pookřátcheer up, recover, recuperate

pooperačnípostoperative, post-op

poopravitcorrect , alter/change/modify (slightly)

pootevřenýajar, open a crack, slightly open

pootevřítopen a crack/slightly