Hlavní obsah


Nechtěli jste hledat:

nad, nadeabove, over

nahýnaked, nude, undressed, stripped, in the altogether, au naturel, in the buff

náš, našeour, ours, of ours

kapatdrip, drop, fall* in drops, (have a) leak

nacpatstuff, cram, jam , wedge

nacpat sestuff (full) , gorge , fill up

napnouttighten , draw* tight, draw* , flex, tense (up), tighten , stretch (tight)

napnout setighten, tense (up), stretch

nápěvmelody, tune

napevnofirmly, securely, rigidly

napíchnoutimpale, skewer, spike

napíchnout seimpale


napínacítension(ing), stretch(ing)

napínačtightener, stretcher

napínáčekdrawing pin, thumbtack, pushpin

napínákstretcher, tightener, tensioner, turnbuckle, (shoe) tree, last