Hlavní obsah


Nechtěli jste hledat:

chtítwant , fancy, wish

chtít sefeel* like , feel* an urge, be* inclined , be* in the mood

chmelhop (plant)

chrlitspout, throw*/spew out, eruct, belch (out), emit

choulit secower, huddle, hunch (up), snuggle , nestle , huddle (together)

chýlit senear, approach, draw* to

scelitunite, unify, mend

scelit se(re)unite

chatrnýflimsy, unsound, infirm, decrepit, shabby, shaky, frayed, tattered, ramshackle, tumbledown, frail, run-down

chcátpiss, leak

chcípákweakling, scrag, bag of bones

chcíplýdead, listless, languid

chcípnoutdie, kick the bucket, peg out, pop off, snuff it

chechtánílaughter, laughing, guffaw

chechtat selaugh loudly , guffaw, bray, laugh heartily, hoot with laughter

chechtavýlaughing (loudly)

chechtot(loud) laughter, guffaw, belly laugh, gale of laughter