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drazeat a high price, dear(ly)

drahýexpensive, costly, dear, pric(e)y

dargift, present, donation

drn(a piece of) turf, sod, greensward, divot

drátwire, line, rib, rebar

drátrend*, tear*, lacerate, fray, chafe, scratch

drát se(try to) force/push/elbow/thrust* way, try to barge

dráhatrack, lane, circuit


dražitauction , sell* at/by auction, offer at auction

dříttoil, slave (away), drudge, fag


dragounskýdragoon('s), of dragoons

dráhařtrack cyclist

drahocennostpreciousness, valuableness

drahocennýprecious, valuable, priceless

drahokamprecious stone, gem(stone), jewel

drahotafuss, shilly-shally, cunctation

drahoušekdarling, sweetheart, honey