Hlavní obsah


Nechtěli jste hledat:


líbittolerate, bear*

líbit seappeal, be* attractive , attract

lepitglue, paste , stick*

lepit secling*, stick* , adhere

léztcreep*, crawl, slither

ležetlie, be* lying

lebkaskull, cranium, death's head

ledenJanuary, Jan

lebedaorach(e), saltbush

lebečnícranial, of the skull

leccosall sorts of things

lecjakpoorly, badly

lecjakýmany a(n), all sorts

leckdein many/various places, here and there

leckdomany people, quite a few people

leckdy(every) now and then, sometimes, at times

leckterýmany a(n), quite a few